Letter: Support needed for Grad Nite


To the editor,

Will it take a tragedy on graduation night to rally both parents and the community together in support of Naugatuck Grad Nite, which seems to be taken for granted? I ask because I’m surprised by the disappointing lack of volunteering by the parents of the senior class in the preparation of Grad Nite. However, I think it would better serve the purpose if I focus it on “What can I do to help from this point on?”

Grad Nite has been a tradition at Naugatuck High School for just over a decade now. The purpose of Grad Nite is to provide a safe environment on graduation night for the graduates to get together for one last night of camaraderie. Although the teens are focused on the fun, the parents of these graduates should be thankful that their son or daughter has a safe place to celebrate.

Here’s a sample of what the kids can expect: food — and lots of it — supervised activities —  inflatable games like human foosball, sports tournaments, table games, yard games, laser tag and a hypnotist show. There is also a raffle with prizes like a bike, a dorm fridge.

Here’s what the parents can expect to pay: zero.

How can this all be provided to the kids with no cost? Most of it happens through the donations of local businesses and volunteers. Parents, teachers (past and present), and people from the community all need to pull together make this fun, safe event happen.  

However, like all things, there are costs that need to be covered. The money for this night comes from fundraisers. Please keep your eyes open around town and in the local newspapers for events that are fundraisers for Grad Nite. Help any way you are able to.  \Your time will be appreciated, your donations will be appreciated, and your support of these events will be appreciated.

This year’s major fundraiser will take place on May 31, 7 to 11 p.m. at The Elks Club on Rubber Avenue. It is a luau themed combination cocktail party/silent auction followed by dancing to a live band. The cost is $35 which includes food, beer and wine — a small price to pay for a safe night for the graduates.

Contact Wendy Murphy at wendy.murphy@snet.net or call her cell at (203) 218-5349 for tickets.

Jill Waldron