Letter: Summer is a good time to teach children


To the editor,

Children will soon be out of school until September. What will these children do when they are set free in the summer?

Parents escape the responsibility of supervising their children when they are in school except for brief interludes between afternoon dismissal and bed time. But in the summertime, where are these children? Do the parents know or care where they are or what they are doing? Or do they send their kids outside for the day with a don’t-bother-me attitude?

Some parents might think they are strict with their children because they issue a curfew of 8 or 9 p.m. But do parents know what their children have been doing from dawn to dusk until their curfew time?

These are learning years. Summer is a good time for parents to spend time teaching children manners, to be honest and respectful, responsible, compassionate, and to learn about property boundaries and respect them.

Children need to learn a good set of values from their parents. It is the parents’ responsibility to teach these things to their children, not to send them to school to educators to teach them.

Virginia Donnelly