Letter: Staying home is not a ‘yes’ vote


To the editor,

In response to Steven Sharik’s July 31 letter. Thanks so much for informing me on the voting procedure in Naugatuck. I had no idea that a yes vote could be tallied by people not showing up.
So, why did the no vote go through then if 83 percent of the people stayed home? That would be a yes vote, no?

In October 2014 you wrote [in a letter to the editor] to the Citizen’s News: “Also, Naugatuck’s budget is up for a vote again on Oct. 14, only at the railroad station. Please vote, anyway you want, but vote.”

But in July you wrote: “1) I stayed home to vote yes. This is the way it’s set up. Only no voters need to show up.”

If Naugatuck’s voting procedure has been changed since last October, I guess the citizens need to know. Maybe someone can post the correct answer?

Jan Larcheveque