Letter: State needs leaders who know what works


To the editor,

I would like to express my appreciation for the editorial “Run on who you are, not who you aren’t” in the Citizen’s News, Thursday, Sept. 6, 2018.  I could pay no better compliment for it, than to quote the closing two lines, “Elections should be about the candidates selling themselves on the issues and who they are. It should not be a game of proclaiming who they are not.”

Imagine the focus and analysis that could be provided to voters, if the candidates stayed on course. Specifically, “here is what I intend to do, this is how I will accomplish it, and here are the results you should expect.”

Let’s all agree Connecticut is in “significant trouble” and what we need is new leadership with solid operational experience and prior success at multiple levels. In the end our leaders need to know what works and how to get it done.

And as the editorial said, “As we head into the election, let’s set aside Mr. Trump and Mr. Malloy. Focus on what we can do to fix Connecticut. And there is plenty to fix.”

Thanks, and I encourage the Citizen’s News to run this editorial again. It is well worth a second showing.

Allen Schwartz

Beacon Falls


  1. Let’s not ignore the fact that the Ct. Democrats have lots of blame for the horrible economic situation Ct. is in. And will take a decade to fix. Yes, headed by Malloy and his crew.