Letter: Smart growth plan is what borough needs


To the editor,

I support Pete Hess to be Naugatuck’s next Mayor. His plan for smart growth in the Borough is just what we need. It’s crucial to our town’s success to be supportive to the existing small businesses. Let’s make Naugatuck more attractive to the outside business community, as well, so we can create new jobs and keep our taxes low.

Raising taxes and increasing spending is exactly what isn’t needed — those policies drive businesses and residents away. But Tamath Rossi has a 12-year track record of raising taxes and saying yes to spending increases. Her consistently irresponsible voting record has damaged our standing in the business community and drastically increased the tax burden on our residents. She talks a good game about the budget, but every chance she’s had to vote on a tax increase, she has voted yes — every time.

The choice is clear on Nov. 3. It’s Pete Hess for mayor.

Oren B. Maxim