Letter: Services of town nurse are priceless


To the editor,

If you have not had the need to utilize the services of our town nurse, you are lucky in health but unfortunate in not being able to experience the dedication, compassion and skillset of Sue Mis, our town nurse.

I very recently had emergency surgery that became complicated and would require a visiting nurse for my recovery if I wanted to be released from the hospital and return home. I immediately called Sue and asked if she was available. Her response was, of course, whatever you need, I will be there. And she has been.

The recovery has not gone quite as planned and she has been here every morning and evening to check vitals, dressings, etc. and to talk me through the recovery. She took the time to explain to me what I needed to do and where to set my expectations. She has held my hand and hugged me and given me words of encouragement. I have seen her do it numerous times for other residents in town — the elderly and the young and all those in between. For some of our residents she is their life line. But to experience it personally, makes me realize even more what a selfless, kind, dedicated nurse and person she is. I have so much respect for what she does. Thanks to Sue Mis, I am home and on the road to recovery.

To me there is no price tag on the services she provides to this town. They are simply priceless and the town of Beacon Falls is very lucky to have someone like her helping us. We cannot let this great benefit be taken away from the town residents and I encourage you to vote “yes” on June 20 and pass the budget.

Karen Longo

Beacon Falls