Letter: Senate vote is a distraction from real issue


To the editor,

I am writing this letter about the recent dog and pony show given to us by the U.S. congress.
This time I was surprised by the recent vote out of the Senate concerning the use of taxpayer dollars to subsidize Planned Parenthood and its for-profit system of harvesting organs and other matter from unborn children.

I feel that this whole stage performance about defending Planned Parenthood was a form of obfuscation to keep us distracted from tackling the real issue of Roe vs Wade. As many Americans don’t fully comprehend, the Supreme Court is not the supreme law giver, rather the supreme law interpreter. They have neither the power of the purse nor the power of the sword. Their power to interpret law comes from Article 3 Section 2, where their actual jurisdiction is controlled by the U.S. Congress “under such regulations that congress shall make.”

This simply means that by a majority vote, congress can overthrow Roe vs Wade, then the debate is settled. Planned Parenthood could continue to exist along with her numerous subdivisions, yet the infanticidal operations would cease to exist. If the abortion operations still continue, then all participants could be charged with murder one, since the victim is a human being and entitled to equal protection under the law. That would save 3,460 lives of innocent unborn children every day.

Now it has been shown that the majority vote is there for such an undertaking, and does not violate a politician’s oath of office. Not that difficult for these Harvard, Princeton, Yale, educated legislators if they actually had a conscience.

James Thomas