Letter: Selectman responds to letters on back taxes


To the editor,

I understand the financial struggles that plague some of the Beacon Falls taxpayers as I am living through those times myself. I have never shirked my financial responsibilities as others who have served or are seeking to serve the Town of Beacon Falls. Last year, I worked through Chapter 13 and through that vehicle have paid the town approximately $5,000 plus an additional $5,000 outside of Chapter 13. I have shared these facts publicly as my goal was to always be up front and honest with the people of Beacon Falls. This plan is scheduled to continue this September.

First Selectman Christopher Bielik and I are working selectmen who have put in numerous hours to make and will continue to make an excellent team for the Town of Beacon Falls. While my financial struggles continue, it does not change my love for the town, nor does it change my determination to keep us going forward in the right direction.

When selecting a qualified candidate for office a person should be judged on their ability to understand the complexities of town issues and putting people first no matter what political affiliation they are. I have been trusted with town business for over 10 years on various commissions and boards. From coaching our Little League baseball to sitting on the Planning and Zoning Board as vice chair and representing Beacon Falls on the Council of Government. The people in this community have trusted me to serve for the last four years as their selectman.

Over the past four years our municipal budget has been among the most fiscally responsible in this state. That is a direct result of the Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance working together. A significant outcome of this collaboration is a AA bond rating.

I’m addressing these political attacks made on me, to you the people of Beacon Fall at this time, so there will be no question in your minds concerning my continued ability to serve as your selectman.

Peter Betkoski


Beacon Falls

The writer is a Democrat selectman on the Board of Selectman and running for re-election.