Letter: School surplus means residents over taxed 


To the editor,

With Region 16 posting a $1.4 million school budget surplus, I would imagine that means that every taxpayer in Beacon Falls and Prospect were over taxed this past year.

Where does that money go? Into some slush fund where it can be forgotten over the next 12 months and slowly pilfered by local politicians to make their car and mortgage payments?

Or is it put into some capital investment that is not approved by anyone and is useless to the community to benefit someone who is owed a favor from past contributions?

I think that local government owes the taxpayers a line by line accounting of what that money is used for and should seek the approval of the taxpayers before one penny of it is spent. Or, here’s an even better idea. How about refunding the over payment of taxes to each taxpayer in the community so that they can decide how best to spend their own hard-earned money instead of incompetent politicians doing it for us? Just saying.

Chris Scelfo

Beacon Falls