Letter: Saying ‘happy Memorial Day’ is inappropriate


To the editor,

There are three days set aside to honor our war dead, our veterans, and our active duty personnel.

Two weeks ago, we celebrated Armed Forces Day, which is meant to honor those men and women who are currently serving on active duty.

On Nov. 11, we have Veterans Day, a day set aside to honor all of those who have served.

Now we come to Memorial Day, the most solemn and sacred day of the three. This is the time when we pay our respects and remember those who have given their lives in the service of this country.

Recently, there have been a few occasions when people approached me, thanked me for my service and stated “happy Memorial Day.”

Although it is well-intended, nevertheless it is inappropriate. Memorial Day is not a “happy” day. It is a day to remember our dead, and reflect on their sacrifice, and bestow on them the honor they deserve.

For many of my fellow veterans, they remember buddies and comrades who were killed. Many families in town have had loved ones that never came home or came home in a flag covered box. For them it is not a “happy Memorial Day.”

So on the next Memorial Day, when you go to your parties and picnics, or whatever you do, take a brief moment to lift a glass, say thanks, and may God rest their souls.

Ron Fischer



American Legion Post 17