Letter: Route 8 has become a race track


To the editor,

I am at a loss to explain what is going on with the local area state police.

I drive on Route 8 on a fairly regular basis. I drive at the limit, which is 55 mph. But sadly I am one of the few who drive at the limit. Every so often I see a state trooper sitting on that median on Route 8. When I go by, people are going by me at at least 15 mph or more, and the trooper stops no one. My question is why is the trooper there? As far as I’m concerned, he isn’t doing his job. Route 8 has become a race track with no regard for the posted speed limit.

As for the local police, they need to start paying attention to the tailgaters who are out here every day. I encounter one or two daily.

All I’m asking is for the state and local police to do their jobs, and stop the madness.

Bill Kovacs