Letter: Rossi knows the borough


To the editor,

I am a resident of Naugatuck, a mother of young children and a supporter of Tamath Rossi for mayor. I may not be the most political person, but what I do know is that Tamath Rossi lives and breathes Naugatuck. She has volunteered her valuable time for many years as deputy mayor of this town because she cares about Naugatuck and its residents. Her name is known throughout this community, not because she has staked political signs but because she is involved and always has been.

Tamath knows this town. She has worked in office long enough to know what is working and what isn’t. She is not afraid to change what is necessary for the good of the town and residents.   I am writing this letter to encourage voters to think twice before believing negative messages. The candidate who will both lead in local government and work for the people of this community is Tamath Rossi.

Melissa Dalton