Letter: Rossi can lead Naugatuck to brighter future


To the editor,

I am writing this letter in my support for Tamath Rossi for mayor of Naugatuck. I have been a resident for ten out of the 12 years that Tamath has been the deputy mayor of Naugatuck and have witnessed her strong leadership skills. In this position as deputy mayor, she has continuously demonstrated her dedication to the residents of Naugatuck.

Tamath’s experience and continued work with the Naugatuck Economic Development Corporation has been the right path in working to bring forth future business projects to the Borough. Her experience as a former business owner will also be an asset in leading Naugatuck to attract new business to the town and to promote Naugatuck as a place that businesses will desire to relocate in.

Tamath Rossi has the fortitude to lead Naugatuck to a brighter future with her passion and genuine concern for the residents and business owners of Naugatuck. Tamath possesses a strong work ethic and as a marathoner and triathlete, she has the discipline and energy to lead Naugatuck in the right direction and provide a brighter future for its residents.

April Slauson


The writer is a member of the Naugatuck Zoning Commission.