Letter: Results speak louder than words


To the editor,

We continuously hear that it is time for change; Prospect can do better. However, for the past 40 years, the citizens of Prospect have voted Mayor Bob Chatfield into office and for 40 years the citizens of Prospect have strongly supported the Republicans for other critical town positions including Town Council and Board of Education which has helped shape this outstanding town into what it is today.

The citizens of Prospect are smart people, they look around at other communities that offer less, tax more and quite frankly have lost their identity along the way. Prospect remains an incredible small town where people to this day choose to move here because of our towns financial prudence and positive balance sheet, low taxes, awesome educational system, and yes, economic growth.

Recently I was speaking with a gentleman from a neighboring street about the upcoming election. This individual, a Democrat, moved to town a year ago from another Connecticut community. When I asked how he liked Prospect he said he loves it, is glad he moved here, and plans on voting the Republican ticket this November. What I found most interesting about our conversation was that while he alone is one voter, he validated to me that current results and the voice of our citizens are what matter most.

For decades the citizens of Prospect have realized that results speak louder than opposing words, and I expect they will demonstrate this again at the polls in November when they vote Row B, Republicans.

Scott Martin