Letter: Residents should maintain their right to vote


To the editor,

As both local citizens and Americans we cherish the right to vote. We as citizens elect individuals we deem qualified, and worthy of the positions the candidates seek. In a time when more and more of our freedoms are challenged, our right to vote needs to remain steadfast.

On Nov. 8 when Prospect voters go to the polls they will have the opportunity to weigh in on potential changes to the town Charter. Give careful consideration to each of the questions. In particular question No. 1 will ask “yes or no” to amend the town Charter allowing the Mayor with the assistance of a search committee to select persons for the positions of Tax Collector, Town Clerk and Town Treasurer, and then present such persons for approval by the Town Council.

I will vote no to question No. 1. I have heard the reasons why this change has been proposed and I don’t agree. The citizens of Prospect should retain their right to vote which effectively hires based on qualifications and fires based on performance during election cycles. The citizens of Prospect are intelligent people, have been for decades and will be for decades to come, certainly they have proven the ability to hire and fire by the success of the dedicated folks serving these elected positions.

We should not allow citizen-elected town positions to become internally selected positions. We should never abandon our rights, any of our rights and in particular our right to vote.

In an elected society, the citizens are at the top of the organization chart. The citizens are the CEO and the elected officials on the organization chart work for the CEO, the citizens. Let’s keep it that way, maintain your right to vote for the people you choose. It’s your choice. Vote no to question No. 1.

Scott F. Martin