Letter: Residents need to pay attention


To the editor,

Citizens of Naugatuck wake up. You are being lulled into submission by our local government about their hidden agenda due to lack of information released to the newspapers.

Naugatuck has some beautiful architecture that is a unique part of our town. Native Naugatuckians have a special appreciation of the heritage and history of this town. Yet, others say, “Tear down all the old buildings and build some new ones. Those are ugly.”

But, currently most citizens don’t know what is going on in this town. This group of governing people make decisions behind closed doors on the QT and then go ahead and start activating their ideas without the knowledge, approval or a vote from the public. After the damage is done, finalized then the public is informed by a small newspaper story.

Hey folks, did you know our local Naugatuck train station is for sale? Yes, it is. They might sell it to a restaurant. The bids are out there.

And, the Naugatuck Historical Society Museum, which is currently located at the train station, will be moved over to the Tuttle House Building, which is totally unsuitable for the museum and will cost a lot of money to renovate.

Many citizens have been helped by the Naugatuck Visiting Nurses. Their skilled and compassionate nursing care has helped people through illnesses after surgeries and various health monitoring and health care services. Visiting nurses services have been helping people in town since 1919.

If you or a family member or friend is going to have any kind of treatment that requires a hospital visit and you’re thinking, “Oh, the visiting nurses will come in and help or do follow up care,” forget it. Our local government is getting rid of them. The process has already begun to eliminate the VNA nurses. They won’t be there.

Is it better to save money than to save lives?

Virginia Donnelly