Letter: Residents must get out and vote at referendum


To the editor,

The mayor just announced that they have reached an agreement with (Veolia North America, which runs) the wastewater treatment plant and by us passing the referendum our mill rate will drop 2 mills. This is a large amount of money to all of us that pay property tax. It also shows that something could have done before they closed the budget to put this in the budget, they knew the settlement was going to happen. To settle with the wastewater treatment plant, they had to be close enough to know.

I personally think the mayor was making a grand stand asking the people to get a petition going so we can have a referendum costing $17,000, according to the last mayor, that could have been used for more lowering of the taxes. Guess this mayor thinks the townspeople are not smart enough to see this.

I hope we can get the 15 percent of the registered voters to vote to pass this referendum so the Mayor and Board of Burgesses must lower the budget and give us a break for a change. If we don’t, the budget will go through with a 9 percent (mill rate) increase. How many of you taxpayers got a 9 percent pay raise lately?

Vote on July 12, 2016 at the Naugatuck Senior Center at 300 Meadow St.

Sophie Zmyewski-Wooster