Letter: Residents don’t want power plant


To the editor,

April 27 is an important date for many residents of Oxford and surrounding communities. Until that date the CT Siting Council can still receive letters from people concerning the Townatic Power Plant.

We have to show the members of the siting council that many Oxford residents do not support this plant. An apparent lack of Oxford residents’ letters, is making George Temple, and the siting council, believe that most Oxford residents support the plant or just don’t care.

Oxford residents have their last chance to make their voices heard and their opinions matter.
Being known as a rural area will be a thing of the past. Many residents in Oxford, and surrounding communities, don’t want this power plant. Their objections and concerns have to be written and heard.

The only way to do that is by writing your objection to this plant and mailing it to Mr. Robert Stein, Chairman, CT Siting Council Ten Franklin Square, New Britain, CT. 06051.

The letter or post card can simply say your name and address and, “I’m against the building CPV’s Power plant in Oxford. Docket #192(B).”

We cannot have politicians, CPV, or the siting council, interpret our silence about the power plant as our acknowledgement and acceptance of this plant. We can’t have them believe that we just don’t care about its dominant and looming presence in our lives.

No short term tax benefit is worth the risk to our long term health.

Please write to the council before April 27.

Peter Bunzl