Letter: Resident welcomes thoughts from candidate  


To the editor,

This is an open letter to Beacon Falls first selectman candidate Kenneth George. I applaud your commitment to run for public office and have no doubt that it was a challenging decision. As a new resident to Beacon Falls, I welcome your thoughts and perspective on what needs to be done to improve our town and why you and your team are right for the job.

I would encourage you to use “the power of three for effective communication.” In general, we find things easier to follow when we can break them down and remember three key things.

Specifically, what do you intend to do, how will you accomplish it, and what results should we expect? Imagine the focus and excitement you and your team could create with such a straightforward approach to campaigning.

For example when you say, “I believe the residents of the town are tired with what they’re getting,” (from the Citizen’s News article in the July 21 edition), please provide specific examples. Or, “They’re still good people, but doing some really bad things … we need to fix it,” draw the distinction between you and your opponents with what you and your team will do. While some may say this is a game, what we need is leadership, ideas and teamwork. Three key elements to success.

As voters, we want to select our representatives in a manner that best reflects our individual views, regardless of party. I would expect that this approach would also bring out more voters who feel they now have real choices. The power of three.

Good luck and I look forward to further discussions

Allen Schwartz

Beacon Falls