Letter: Resident thankful for efforts to bring new sidewalks


To the editor,

I’m writing today to be sure that the efforts of Carla Perugini-Erickson and the Democrats of Prospect Town Council are recognized and appreciated by all the citizens of Prospect. This is the group that brought the presentation to the Town Council last spring about the need for sidewalks and the availability of grants to pay for them.

My husband and I and my friend Marcia have been going to Town Council meetings for a long time. Carla’s presentation was the first time we heard about sidewalks and so many grant possibilities

Carla was the researcher and presenter who collected all the information and made a beautiful slideshow presentation on the funding and grant money we could get to have sidewalks in Prospect.

She made it clear that Prospect has not been getting its fair share of grant money.

Because of their efforts and hard work a sidewalk taskforce was formed to do all the homework required to make sidewalks a reality in Prospect.

Even though Prospect may have received grant money for other projects, Carla and the Democratic members of the Town Council brought to our attention how much more money was really available through grants. Lo and behold, we just received a STEAP grant that will be the beginning of a safer Prospect. Thank you Carla, I can’t wait to take my daily walk on those sidewalks.

Marilyn Bonyai