Letter: Resident supports Conroy for re-election


To the editor,

I am supporting Theresa Conroy for re-election as the 105th District’s representative. Theresa is not only a very good friend of mine, she has also been helping me (and especially encouraging me) in finding locations for a possible business expansion in Seymour. Currently, JFD Tube & Coil Products is located in Hamden. And, Theresa works very hard for all the people in her district, as well as in our state.

I am a Director Emeriti of CBIA and know they have targeted Theresa’s seat this year. While she and I may have different opinions, I find Theresa very open-minded and willing to hear my point of view on various issues that impact business. She does not let “party politics” get in the way of reaching out to all of her constituents. She not only got me an appointment with and took me to Seymour Town Hall Economic Development, she then drove me around town, on her personal time and dime, to look at possible business locations.

I look forward to Theresa’s successful, and well-deserved, re-election. And I ask you to support Theresa this November.

Diane M. Orlowski

Beacon Falls