Letter: Resident satisfied with current leadership


To the editor,

I feel honored to be able to write this letter to support our current mayor of the Town of Prospect, Robert J. Chatfield. For the past 38 plus years, he has been unwavering in his allegiance to Prospect and its residents. He has the utmost respect for all citizens, whether it’s going into our schools to speak to our students or into the senior center to greet and listen to comments expressed by them. He is really a penny-pincher when it comes to our town and does it so as not to begrudge our neighbors and friends of important programs and activities. He keeps the budget in check so that our taxes remain steady. This is what all of our politicians should strive to do.

With his knowledge of the town and its residents, I throw my full support to him in the November election. I hope you consider what he has done for all these years and put he and his fellow ticket members back in office. They deserve our vote.

Donna Start