Letter: Resident responds to letter


To the editor,

I was somewhat dumbfounded at Mr. George Sirois’ letter to the editor last week regarding the proposed fuel cell generation facility in Beacon Falls. You question the term “renewable energy” and how the term is used differently between the Beacon Falls project and Oxford’s project. Did you ever think of contacting the Connecticut Siting Council, the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, or other state agency for clarification?

Regarding your confusion over the difference between Oxford’s power plant project and the fuel cell project in Beacon Falls was clearly explained after just 15 minutes on Google: The Oxford project uses combustion and the Beacon Falls project uses a chemical process similar to a battery. Many say it is a waste of time to ask questions that one already has the answer to. Wouldn’t you agree?

Overall your questions appear to be presented in both a frustrated and somewhat sarcastic nature. But then you explain why, in your closing paragraph when you jump on your political high horse with wording like “hypocrisy” and “Liberal left.”

I did notice that at one point in your letter you stated “we” should take a long hard look at the proposed plant. I can assure you sir that the residents of Beacon Falls are more than intelligent and qualified enough to make decisions on their own without your assistance.

If in the future you still feel the need to pontificate in this forum, maybe you should look around the Borough for something more deserving of your time. Have you noticed your mill rate lately? By the way, I am a lifelong registered Republican, past elected office holder and past member of the Beacon Falls Republican Town Committee.

Peter A. Christensen

Beacon Falls