Letter: Resident raises concerns with Tracy Lewis House


To the editor,

In August 2008, the town of Beacon Falls took out a $425,000 bond to purchase the lived-in Tracy Lewis House on Wolfe Avenue. The purpose was to alleviate the crowded conditions in Town Hall. But none of the Town Hall offices made the move. The library didn’t want to use the spacious first floor along with second floor office and storage space but instead is holding out for a brand new, multiple-million dollar library building, which the town can ill afford. The historical society declined using space to display their historic treasures, which are now being stored in members’ basements out of public view.

But there is good news. After ten years the vacant house now has a resident. A reclusive stray cat has moved into the third floor and defies all efforts to capture and remove him or her. Selectman Michael Krenesky, the custodian of the house, has left food for the cat on several occasions. But there is one problem, there is no line item in the town budget for cat food.

Residents can now proudly say that Beacon Falls is running a “cat house” on Wolfe Avenue.

James Woodward

Beacon Falls