Letter: Resident questions where voters were


To the editor,

To the folks of Naugatuck, where were you? We did get 17 percent of the voters, which is 2 percentage points over the required 15 percent, but that was too close for comfort as far as I’m concerned.

I’d like to hear the excuses of the folks that didn’t show up. The polls opened at 6 a.m. Again, where were you?

I had a disagreement the day after with someone at our local grocery store. He said he worked until 8 the night before. I asked him what time he went in. Noon. Where were you?

The voting is to help our borough. It’s not just mine and the rest of the 17 percent of people who did bother to show up. This is for all of us.

You know, we have a great tradition in the borough called Duck Day. What a pleasure it was to see all the people there. Again, where were they on July 7 to vote down the budget?

I truly believe that voting should be personalized to know who votes and who doesn’t. Those who vote get to keep their taxes the same and those who don’t vote get to take responsibility for the tax raises because obviously they don’t care about the borough, their kids’ future or anything else except sitting on their couches.

I know there are valid reasons for some people who didn’t vote, but 83 percent? Come on Naugatuck; wake up. Voting is a responsibility. Take it on Naugatuck. No wonder we have a bad rep according to outsiders.

Jan Larcheveque