Letter: Resident questions actions of officials


To the editor,

Naugatuck town government has been wiping out every morsel of good deed or service that seniors or disabled people might need. They’ve put the Naugatuck Historical Society’s existence between a rock and a hard place. They have also wiped out the best nursing service in the region. In addition to that they have reassigned and revamped the seniors’ mini-bus.

Not stopping at those cuts, they also cut much needed funding for the Greater Waterbury Transit District that provides rides for seniors and disabled. This lack of funding will cause an increase in the fare for out-of-town trips from $3 to $6 for just one way. A round-trip fee will cost $12 for a poor senior or disabled person just to go to the doctor. Some people might have to choose between paying the increased fare and paying for their weekly food or medication.
Naugatuck was the only town to cut this funding.

There has been a plan to move the historical society from the railroad station, which is an ideal location for them, to the Tuttle House, which is totally unsuitable for them. Yet, the Board of Education, which has been located at the Tuttle House for many, many years, is being put on a pedestal and relocated to spacious, modern, luxurious offices in the $81 million, newly renovated high school. Do we really need the Board of Education in there?

Now our government wants to tear down Building 25 and fill in any space left by U.S. Rubber. Taxpayers don’t need more office space to be built that in 20 years will be deemed useless and torn down.

If medical people want to open a walk-in center or other type of medical facility, we don’t need any new buildings to be erected. Utilize what is available already. There are plenty of available spaces up and down Church Street and both plazas that can be utilized.

There are also several restaurant sites available that are not drive thru or take-out dining places.

There was talk of turning the railroad station, which currently houses the Naugatuck Historical Society, into a restaurant. If the railroad station can be converted into a restaurant then why not convert the Tuttle House into a medical building?

Need to cut the budget? Learn to make do and improvise and stop spending other people’s money, instead of making back-door deals.

Kudos to Matt Katra for all his efforts toward the referendum.

Virginia Donnelly