Letter: Resident proudly supports Noujaim


To the editor,

I support Nazih Noujaim for Region 16 Board of Education.

Nazih Noujaim, my friend, has gained respect in the Prospect and Region 16 communities through his dedication and involvement. He has proven himself as a committed Board of Education and PTO member for years advocating for our students.

Mr. Noujaim and I became friends years ago in my early years with the PTO.  We then learned we also attended the same church. Through the PTO, our church and the BOE I have been witness to his long hours as a volunteer in schools, for our church and the community.

Mr. Noujaim has shown only the highest character as my friend and as a member in our school, church and town communities. I admire and respect Mr. Noujaim for his volunteer work, his generosity, his dedication and am thankful for his friendship.

With proud enthusiasm, I support Nazih Noujaim for the Region 16 Board of Education.

Dee Williams