Letter: Resident expresses concerns about program


To the editor,

To all who may be considering buying in the “rehab project program,” here are some very important points to be aware of.

I only speak for myself.

An article published in the Citizen’s News earlier this year states the grant is administered by the state Department of Housing. However, if you contact them they will tell you each towns’ requirements are different so to check with your town. So, you are not able to go to the state with any problem as they will not be there.

A lien will be placed against your home.

Lisa Low is the grant writer, who also runs the business from her home in Oxford, and the one you contact with complaints. Talk about putting the fox in charge of the henhouse.

The contract states there are no out of pocket costs to the homeowner, yet on the first day you will be told there is a $60 filing fee. It also states all permits, taxes and fees will be the responsibility of the contractor. I was told once the project was underway and the furnace was already installed that I had to pay for the permits. In contacting the building inspector, I was told this was not true.

I was given no proof of purchases, warranties or even the company who installed my non-working furnace, so I don’t even know who to call.

The contract states, “The contractor shall commence work within 15 days of notice to proceed and complete within 60 days.” My contract ended before any work had even begun. It calls for all work to be done in a timely and proper manner. Work is still unfinished two years later.

If I can save one person from the anguish I have had to endure the past two years I will consider it worthwhile to have written this letter. It may be another grant but it’s still run by the same people, First Selectman Chris Bielik and Lisa Low, and same questionable setup.

Dolores Ford

Beacon Falls