Letter: Request for WiFi denied


To the editor,

I live at Oak Terrace Senior Housing. Our community room (clubhouse) has WiFi in there for the employees. Last year, 50 residents of Oak Terrace signed a petition for residents to be able to use this WiFi and for free if they brought their devices with them to use there.

I approached the Housing Authority Committee at one of our monthly meetings and gave all on the committee a copy of the signed petition with reasons why we should be able to go to our community room and use this WiFi and for free. Some of the reasons were (1) To obtain free knowledge from the internet as students do in public schools and libraries. (2) To be able to use it for free because many seniors and disabled at Oak Terrace can not afford to pay for internet. They are on limited incomes. (3) Seniors and the disabled should be able to use this WiFi because we are worth something, like the students are. We do have brains like everyone else. Just because we may be old or disabled, does not mean we don’t need internet.

After presenting the petition of 50 signatures and reasons why we should have access to the WiFi at one of the housing meetings, I was told they would do research on the matter and implied I get in touch with them at a latter time. A few months after I approached them and I was told they decided the WiFi at the community room should remain as it is, only for the employees and that if we wanted free WiFi we should travel to places that offered free WiFi and use their WiFi.

Claudette Soden