Letter: Regionalizing should go further  


To the editor,

I applaud Gov. Ned Lamont for making a major attempt to correct our state’s budget issues.  This is something previous leaders have failed to accomplish. While I do not agree with everything that has been proposed, encouraging smaller school districts to regionalize makes perfect sense. A decrease in the number of superintendents and overall staffing is long overdue.

But more importantly, why stop there? What about doing the same with our state universities and numerous community colleges? Why do we have a president and so many other expensive personnel at each higher education location?

Combining staff and services would provide huge monetary reductions. Our advanced technology allows the ability to transfer and share information, especially in a relatively small state like Connecticut.

It is time to consolidate and put an end to the over staffing, which has subsequently led to the abundance of retirement packages that are straining our state.

Joe Pavlik

Beacon Falls