Letter: Referendums should be automatic


To the editor,

I am writing in response to the [Aug. 21] letter, “The bone has been picked clean.”

We should not have to seek referendums, they should be automatic. We, the citizens of Naugatuck, have not picked the bone clean and emptied the cabinets. Naugatuck’s employees recently picked at the dry bone and gave some Board of Education raises.

I differ with the statement that we have issues that Naugatuck nor the entire valley combined can answer. Did anyone talk to Mayor Mark Lauretti of Shelton, who has kept the mill rate flat for three years.

We have an intelligent young man in Alex Olbrys, who is running for mayor and wants to make a difference.

Finally, to George Sirois, keep writing the letters so we can make a difference, too.

Barbara K. Brennan