Letter: Referendum should be automatic


To the editor,

I am respectfully asking the citizens of Naugatuck to help me in helping all the citizens of Naugatuck to obtain a new automatic referendum process in our local government process to replace the old, archaic petitioning system. I cannot do it alone.

I am asking all the citizens of Naugatuck to email Mayor Mezzo, his email address is bob@bobmezzo.com, and tell him you want a new automatic referendum process as stated in my proposal that was presented last Tuesday, June 2, 2015, by Burgess Alex Olbrys, at my request. It was turned down in its entirety.

In short it says that when the Board of Mayor and Burgesses and Finance Committee approve the last budgets of the town budget and Board of Education budget, from that date the town has seven to 10 days to notify the citizens by newspaper, and or other, the time, place and date to vote. All done between seven to 10 days.

Please help me to help you. Please email him ASAP. Let’s put the pressure on the mayor and burgesses so a charter revision commission can get started. It can be done now.

Emidio C. Cerasale