Letter: Referendum should be automatic


To the editor,

Several years ago Naugatuck had a charter revision. I thought that as part of the revision residents would have an automatic referendum on the budget as surrounding towns do. The only thing changed was the number of required signatures and votes.

Why do borough officials feel they are more qualified to determine how tax dollars are spent? The citizens should have the right to have regular referendums enabling them to say how their money should be spent and how much should be spent.

Instead, we have an archaic process of collecting signatures before a referendum can be held. Then, we have the same process for another one. It is time consuming.

Naugatuck’s budget could be complete and already be in place if we had an automatic referendum. Woodbury has had two votes and its budget is complete. We should have another charter revision.

The taxes in Naugatuck are outrageous. Our tax rate is the third highest in Connecticut. The problem is partly because of the generous benefits afforded to borough employees and retirees. Who allowed this to happen? Certainly not the homeowners. I just read that a recent employee retired at over $80,000. The practice is unsustainable and the taxpayers cannot afford it.

Hopefully, our new mayor and elected officials will realize this and attempt to correct the problem.

Shirley Anderson