Letter: Reader responds to letter on healthcare


To the editor,

In your Jan. 13, 2017 edition, Mr. Ray Kunz of Beacon Falls suggested that the government should get out of the health care. Just last week, Speaker Paul Ryan was in a town hall meeting organized by CNN. A gentleman from Arizona, a small business owner and die-hard Republican, was, as expected, very much against “Obamacare.”

Then he went for a physical and was told he had cancer in advanced stage. Because of Obamacare he could buy health insurance. He was not rejected due to the preexisting condition under the Obamacare, and he received proper health care so much so that he changed his opinion about the Obamacare. He told the Speaker because of the Obamacare he is still alive. Speaker Paul Ryan mentioned that the Republicans have a plan, which would also provide such help. Well, it has been seven years and they still do not have a health care plan. By the way, you guessed it right Obamacare was mandated by the government and it helped this gentleman when he needed.

The same gentleman was interviewed by Don Lemon of CNN [Jan. 13] and basically he said the same thing about his healthcare. When asked by CNN why he and all Republicans have been so much against Obamacare, after a long silence this gentleman said that is because Republicans hate everything which is mandated by the government!

By the way on your remark of “European type Socialist/welfare state,” you must have heard of Social Security. What do you think it is? It is also mandated by the government just like in a European-style socialist state. Tell a person who is collecting social security that he will not get any more monthly checks, I think you will have serious problem with this person.

By the way, when polls were taken whether people like Obamacare, a large section of the populace is against this mandate but when asked about Affordable Health Care, the same people have a very favorable opinion. It is really funny because very many of us are so ignorant of such mandates and cry foul at every opportunity.

Chitta R. Lahiri