Letter: Raising taxes will do lasting harm


To the editor,

State Sen. Joseph Crisco should retire from this office after this term is up. For too long, Sen. Crisco has enjoyed a reputation as a nice guy, but voting for $2.56 billion in tax increases is not a nice thing to do to your constituents. This is the second major tax increase Sen. Crisco has supported. Four years ago, he also voted for a $1.8 billion tax hike. At the time, he and Gov. Dan Malloy said that the tax hike would take care of Connecticut’s financial problems, promote economic growth and jobs.

Sen. Crisco should know better. He used to work in the private sector. Raising taxes will do lasting harm to Connecticut’s economy and hit small businesses the hardest. This latest tax increase eliminates current exemptions and expands the sales tax on most business and professional services. Connecticut already taxes more services than most other states. Only three other states broadly tax business services in a similar manner.

Sen. Crisco said little to nothing during the budget debate in Hartford. Does he not realize that after this tax hike, Connecticut will be a more difficult place to operate a business and a less desirable place to live as companies will choose to invest elsewhere? We need to focus on growing the economy and not enacting policies that will hurt our citizens, economy and state.

Dave Getchell