Letter: Raising minimum wage will hurt businesses


To the editor,

Is Obama going out of his mind allowing/promoting a $15 per hour minimum wage? No, he’s catering to minority flocks of followers, some minority immigrants, like himself, who promise to vote for him.

Does he care about the consequences this will have for businesses that currently pay minimum wage? It doesn’t seem so.

There will always be a minimum wage and there will always be people who struggle on it. When the minimum wage rises, so must the rest of the pay scale. Low-priced restaurants and stores will have to raise their prices to cope with the additional expenses thus losing a lot of customers; then just go out of business.

I wonder how our Connecticut governor will handle the situation. Can he do better than Obama without raising taxes? Can he prevent the economy from crashing as a result of this preposterous increase and new ruling?

Virginia Donnelly