Letter: Promises of the old guard need to end


To the editor,

During this long period of financial uncertainty my family has watched expenses skyrocket while our income has hardly changed. The local property taxes have grown at an alarming rate. It only takes a short drive to a surrounding community to see that the flavor of Naugatuck is stuck in a time warp.

I am putting my last hope in Mr. Hess when I vote this November because he has invested a lot of time and energy into this town. I dealt with Mr. Hess on a legal issue and was impressed by his soft spoken, even temperament demeanor and his cleaver handling to resolve my problem.

I feel that the promises of the old guard need to end as hope for this town gets shorter and shorter. Mr. Hess recognizes that we need to do what it takes to reinvent a commercial and innovative tax base to offer a much needed break for the average Joe.

Cesar Rua