Letter: President has made mistakes but deserves kudos



To the editor,

So, Mr. Scott (in his letter to the editor Jan. 31) thinks this country deserves a better President. I couldn’t disagree more.

Has President Obama made mistakes? Of course he has, like all of us, including the previous President who took the USA into two stupid, unnecessary wars and wrecked the previously healthy economy. To my mind, it is almost a miracle that President Obama has accomplished anything, bearing in mind how dysfunctional Congress and the Senate are. Some far-right Tea Party activists have talked about their prime aim being to prevent Obama doing anything. How is that supposed to help the country?

Mr. Scott also stated that “Obamacare” will be a disaster for the USA. This is the wealthiest country in the world, and yet millions of people have no healthcare whatsoever because they can’t afford it or have been denied because of a “pre-existing condition.” The USA has the worst record in the developed world for the survival of newborns — having no access to pre-natal care makes childbirth a very risky business. Is Mr. Scott aware how many other countries have had universal health care for many years and find it difficult to believe that the USA doesn’t?

Kudos to President Obama for trying to restore the old attitudes of many former administrations — Republican as well as Democrat — that the poor should not be despised as lazy or stupid but given tools and opportunities to improve their lives and become useful citizens.

Terry Peirce