Letter: Power plant poses threats


To the editor,

The CPV Towantic gas/oil power plant that is proposed for Oxford poses numerous dangers to the physical well being of area residents. It will emit dangerous air pollutants, it will impact the general population of Oxford and nearby towns, and it will cause serious health issues to many people.

Air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide and volatile organic compounds, that are not presently in the air, will be emitted from the two 150-foot stacks. On the occasions when oil is used instead of gas, the plant will release even larger amounts of unsafe chemicals into the atmosphere including hazardous mercury compounds.

These pollutants will significantly affect children, the elderly, and asthmatics in Oxford as well as Naugatuck, Middlebury, Southbury, Woodbury, Seymour, Beacon Falls and beyond. The 21,000 students in 41 schools within a 10-mile radius of the proposed power plant are in danger of falling ill due to the pollutants.

Asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, respiratory symptoms, heart disease, reproductive issues, birth defects, heart disease and cancer have all been linked to the pollutants that will be spewed by the power plant.

Please write to the Connecticut Siting Council requesting that they deny approval for the 805 megawatt CPV Towantic gas/oil power plant because of the dangerous health risks it poses to the population of Naugatuck, Beacon Falls, and other towns surrounding Oxford. Refer to www.stoptowanticpower.com for more information. We need to Stop Towantic Power now.

Carol Fogel