Letter: Political correctness has gone awry


To the editor,

As expected, another example of political correctness gone awry. Athletic teams are being asked to eliminate the use of names associated with American Indian groups.

What is wrong with that? The names are always taken in terms of “winners” or “superiors,” never in terms of losers, and are always considered as complimentary. I’d rather be called a Waterbury Warrior than a Waterbury Wimp any day.

Ray Kunz

Beacon Falls


  1. I agree that the P.C. thing has gone too far. We as a community are to afraid to hurt someone’s feelings that we have gone from one of the strongest countries in the world to the biggest joke. Don’t even get me started on the whole bathroom controversy. If my daughter has to use the bathroom and there is a biological male in there whether or not He/She claims transgender there will be a huge issue. My problem is not that they are claiming transgender, I’m all for that. My issue is the pedophile or rapist who uses the transgender to get into a private setting with a female alone.