Letter: People are fed up with Democratic Party


To the editor,

This is a response to the letters “Legislators speak for the majority” and “Administration has seriously depended divides.” (Citizen’s News, Feb. 23, 2018)

First I want to say I have been a long-time Democrat since I was 18. Now, in my 50s, the Democratic Party is not the party I grew up with. Their views and values are so progressive and way far left with no message. The Democratic Party used to be for the middle class people. No more. Their policies, the few they have, do not include me, the middle class. Their only concern is the illegal aliens, and yes, that’s what they are, not undocumented immigrants.

I am a legal immigrant. My father came here in the 1960s on a work visa. He worked, learned the language, didn’t overstay his visa (overstaying a visa makes someone an illegal alien), got sponsored and was able to bring his family.

It was a privilege and not an entitlement. Our senators don’t care about the taxpayers. If they did they wouldn’t put the burden they have put on us to support the ones that do not contribute by continuously raising our taxes.

They talk about President Trump “fibbing,” but people seem to forget the biggest lie ever from President Obama about people being able to keep their plan and doctor and save $2,500 under the Affordable Healthcare Act (my premium double and my deductible triple), or it was a video that led to the killing of four people in Benghazi. I could go on and on with the lies he fed us, and I voted for him.

The goal of the Democratic Party is to make America a global, socialist, open-boarders, government-dependent country.

It will never happen. The silent majority spoke on Nov. 8, 2016 and will speak again in 2018.

All I see and hear is bashing and resist. What the heck are people resisting? Jobs, money in their pocket, a more secure America? I for one am enjoying my tax cuts every week in my paycheck. And, the “crumbs” from my bonus that I got, I paid off my Christmas debt, and my 401K never looked better.

The division is from the Democratic Party, still crying that their messiah, Hillary Clinton, lost.

Maybe if they had a better candidate it might have turned out differently, but I doubt that. People are fed up with them more than anyone really realizes.

Rita Carrier