Letter: Parents have right to make decision on vaccines


To the editor,

I am completely disgusted, though not surprised, with the latest action of our state government. Recently the state house passed HB6949. This makes it more difficult for informed parents to exercise their God-given right to make choices concerning their children’s healthcare.

I am aware that the bill centers around religious exemptions that the state offers for consciences objectors of vaccines. This letter isn’t about the science of vaccine safety, which is a hotly contested debate, which is also anything but settled. This is about parental rights. All parents have the right to make the final decision to refuse, or accept any form of medication for their children. All parents have the right to make any final decision, based on informed consent, instinct, or any other process concerning their child’s health and welfare. I have read our state Constitution, and have found no enumerated power to the general assembly to have us forcibly medicated.

Now given the action of our state legislature since the early 1970’s, it is my analysis that our harlots in Hartford don’t give a flying hoot about the general welfare of the citizenry. They have taxed and regulated us into a post-industrial state which has decimated the middle class leaving us with an ever growing wage disparity situation, which was engineered by design, and done to us with full malice of forethought.

I and many other state citizens are left to surmise that our state representatives are acting on orders given to them by men behind the curtain. If anyone has been listening to the independent media circuit, and not watching FOX, MSNBC, CNN, or any other alphabet news station, including local stations, you are becoming more aware of the risk of injuries due to the increase in number and frequency of the vaccine schedule. Now with parents becoming more skeptical and cautious, the vaccine makers are beginning to feel a pinch on their bottom line. So they either grease the palms of our politicians, or even go so far as to use extortion tactics to force them to enact such erroneous legislation. But this is just a Thomas theory.

I would like to close this letter with a strong message to the people of Connecticut. It is long over due we realize that our government is not our ruler, instead our servant. We the people, taxpayers, voters of Connecticut are their bosses and they work for us. Anyone reading this letter that is still employed knows all too well that if you performed your duties as well as these Harvard, Princeton, Yale educated people do, you would be permanently terminated by your employer. I propose terminating the services of all our legislators in the next election.

James Thomas