Letter: Parcel C could turn into a disaster


To the editor,

Another potential disaster awaits at Parcel C once again. As a 40-year resident of this lovely community, and a former real estate broker who helped to grow the homes on the East Side of town for 35 plus years, I am absolutely outraged at the attitude and arrogance of Mr. Lombard and Mr. Oris, once the sale of this land was completed.

In my opinion, they “stole” this piece of property from the town [for $150,000]. Then after getting it for a song, based on an approved concept, they do an about-face and threaten to leave it vacant because the “new and approved” concept was denied by the town fathers?

Here is my observation: They came in on a bandwagon, proposed exactly what the town wanted, hemmed and hawed until the town approved their proposed plan.

Before the approval stamp was dry, they come back and try to change deal to a multi-use retail/medical/residential disaster. And now they threaten to abandon the site all together?

Here is what I believe is going to happen next, and possibly was the plan all along. They will hold it vacant long enough to anger those residents who are not already in an uproar over the whole deal, and they will then put it up for sale, as is, with the town having paid for the remedial requirements, and sell it to some out of state company for an nice profit.

When will we learn that scoundrels come to our pretty little town in sheep’s clothing? Thank you, town fathers for backing our one and only accepted use for this land.

Carolyn M. Capozziello