Letter: Olbrys understands the borough’s needs


To the editor,

I am writing this to share with you, why Alex Olbrys for mayor. To begin, Alex has shown to be a value to the Board of Burgess as a sitting Burgess for the last two years, with his understanding of the town needs.

But, why Alex Olbrys for mayor, he is young, smart and has that passion of doing whatever it takes to get our community back into a busy and money-making community, with new businesses coming to town and making this community the destination for others to come to. Inviting those looking to move to a community to come to Naugatuck to enjoy and be part of this growing community. But in order to have success with that, Alex will need to focus on doing it and getting it done, which I am totally in belief of him succeeding in doing that exactly.

Alex has shown to have values and keeps it “real,” none of the political nonsense. It certainly doesn’t take money to win an election, it takes a smart, young and aggressive young man to do the job and that is what Alex will do for you and me — turn this community into a true lifestyle for all to enjoy. Alex has always kept it real with a no nonsense attitude, just get it done.

Please consider reaching out to Alex call him, go to his website, ask questions, get to know him,

Always, remember, “It takes a community to make a community.” And for me that person to bring this community back is Alex Olbrys for mayor.

Linda Ramos


The writer is a member of Alex Olbrys’ campaign team.