Letter: Not renaming field the right move


To the editor,

I am pleased the board chose not to rename the multipurpose field at [Naugatuck] High School. In honoring that specific request it would have diminished the legacies of highly successful coaches who too won multiple championships and garnered dozens of victories on that same plot of land. I speak of football coaches Charlie Bertero and Craig Peters both members of the Naugatuck Hall of Fame. I also speak of track coaches Ralph Roper and Bill Handley.

This though raises a far more troubling trend. The continuing diminishment of history at our high school. As Mr. Scully aptly pointed out the historical names of buildings have been removed in favor of bland and generic names. Are we now seeing this blanching occurring in the athletic department?

My childhood friend, Arthur Nunes, is richly deserving of all the recognition he has earned. However the board’s collective thought of a plaque or statute is far more reasonable. I might suggest the board consider such honors for the gentlemen I named above as well. Also, a good source of information with regards to historical athletic achievements at Naugatuck High would be The Naugatuck Hall of Fame.

Bob Sagendorf Jr.


The writer is a graduate of Naugatuck High School, Class of 1972, and member of the Naugatuck Hall of Fame, Class of 2009.