Letter: New president talks about Gun Club


To the editor,

The Prospect Gun Club would like to welcome the new executive board for 2014. The new board is as follows: President Jerry Williams, Vice President Clayton Reynolds, Vice President Dan Semeraro, Treasurer Bill Kingston, Secretary Dan Wheeler, Membership Chairman Eric Koch, Ex Range Officer Ray Barquin, Range Safety Officer Russ Lubik, IT officer Eric Sobczynski.

On behalf of the entire Prospect Gun Club I want to thank former President Russ Lubik for all the efforts for the past couple years. He left me in a good position. I want to thank the rest of the executive board that has returned. I look forward to working with them and moving the club to the next level.

The club already has had an exciting year. We have had the best turnout ever for the Prospect game dinner. Our members did a great job promoting the dinner. So many members gave of their time under the direction of Clayton Reynolds. You all deserve a big thank you. We had our annual Ham Shoot recently too, we raised $500 to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project. Thank you to all that came and participated in that event.

The annual members’ dinner was a success. Each year the club hosts this event for all of its members to enjoy a night out. We met at the Continental Room for a night of good food and prizes. It is nice to see many of our members come to socialize and catch up with other members.

Thw weekends ago the club hosted its “Center Fire Shoot.” It was any caliber pistol shoot. There were five rounds of shooting positions. Everyone had a good time. The winners of the shoot were Mike Santangelo, Eric Koch and Dave Crocket. Congrats to them.

The PGC has one more meeting before the summer. Club members are encouraged to come Monday, June 2 at 7 p.m. before the summer break. We will not meet again until September.

Please mark your calendars. There is a “members-only” shooting event on June 28. It is “Daughters Day.” Members bring your daughter, granddaughter, niece, neighbor, etc… They must be 10 or older; PGC rules. We want to encourage the ladies of all ages to come out and enjoy the club.

I want to mention one big event that is upcoming for Prospect residents and neighboring towns to enjoy. It will be our annual August summer picnic/cookout. We will be announcing the date very soon. Stay on the lookout and we hope to see you there.

Look us up on Facebook. If you are interested in joining the Prospect Gun Club please go to www.prospectgun.com to download an application. Fill it out and mail it in. We would be happy to see new folks joining.

Jerry Williams


Prospect Gun Club


  1. Very nice to see something related to guns and not have it be all negative as it is with the EXTREME majority of the news. Being a licensed instructor it is really nice to see something good printed and will definitely check you guys out even though live in Beacon Falls. Good luck to you and all your endeavors!!!