Letter: Neighborhood businesses need support


To the editor,

Most residents of Naugatuck, especially the ones that live on the west side, are probably familiar with an old landmark on Quinn Street known as “Marty’s Corner.” Over the years it has had a number of tenants including small mom and pop grocery stores (Ernie’s Market, Adrian’s Market, and John’s Market to name a few), a beauty salon, an insurance agency, pizzerias, and a variety store that featured an ice cream counter, penny candies, etc. In the past few years, it has become pretty much vacant. Recently, two new businesses, a pizzeria/restaurant and a new market (simply named the Quinn Street Market) opened for business.

I think it is just great to have new businesses in the neighborhood, especially a small grocery store. The owner is very courteous and friendly, and looks forward to serving the needs of the surrounding neighborhoods. It would be great if those residents who stop in could let him know what items they think he should include in his inventory. I have made several suggestions which he has acted upon.

Local small businesses like these and others deserve the support of the residents of town, especially the neighborhoods they are located in, and they need that support to survive. I know that I, for one, would rather have a place I could run in and run out of without having to stand in line, as long as the prices are reasonable and the products are good. I have been a customer and encourage others to give them a try.

Bob Genovese