Letter: NEF members go above and beyond


To the editor,

Every parent is hardworking, but there are a few I would like to point out and thank as they go above and beyond for the students and educators of our borough. Matt Fortney, John Pruchnicki, Mike Murphy, Eileen Lauer, Allison Trisko, Julie Sampaio and Andy Bottinick are those parents.

They are the dedicated members of the Naugatuck Education Foundation (NEF). As a recipient of a grant for the Hillside Drama Club, these were the members I worked closest with, although there are many others who have given their time as well. In just four years their initiative and devotion has made possible many extracurricular, educational and enriching activities. Because of the NEF, actors, musicians, scientists, athletes, special learners, reporters, photographers, mathematicians, readers and even pilots with a flight simulator have had opportunities to explore undertakings that they may have never experienced if not for these volunteers. Not only do they provide the grant opportunities to fund these programs, but by doing so they build community relations.

Two of my favorite events are the road race/festival and the Eve Before the Eve. Here you see even more community donators with baskets upon baskets of raffle items from many of our local businesses. If you haven’t been a part of these, you need to join your neighbors to celebrate our town while giving back to our future leaders. On behalf of the Hillside Drama Club, many thanks are to the NEF. We are beyond grateful.

Jenna Dufresne