Letter: Nardello is the right candidate


To the editor,

I have known Vickie Nardello for nearly 20 years now. Very early on I learned that she was only about doing for others, always sacrificing her time and energy so that others may prevail. Today our town is fortunate to have an incredible high school, combining the best of academics, athletics and arts to make both Beacon Falls and Prospect so proud of their children and the talented professionals who help them chart their course at an early, impressionable age. As a marketing teacher at Naugatuck High School I know the importance of talented educators, staff and coaches, but first a building is needed.

Back in the mid to late 1990’s, Region 16 was a region divided. After far too many years of shipping our children off to other town high schools, the Region 16 Parents Cooperative formed to try to get a regional high school built. While both towns naturally wanted the building in its town as a civic center, only one could prevail. It was during that time that Vickie Nardello truly showed me that she was much more than just a Democrat representative for the 89th District. I may be a conservative Republican, but I don’t need an “R” next to a name to tell me whom I should vote for. This Democrat epitomizes what our representative government was meant to be.

The cooperative had no office per se, so Vickie’s home became our base of operations. It was an organized effort led by many dedicated parents, but without Vickie’s constant guidance, support and commitment, I don’t believe Woodland would exist today. So today your kids learn in a wonderful building with a great faculty and staff leading the way. Back then I don’t recall Vickie getting the credit she deserved, as she is naturally humble and doesn’t look for praise. But you can thank her now by giving her your support with your vote on Nov. 4. It’s the least we can do after 13 incredible years of success at Woodland.

And so I asked Vickie recently about the new and very controversial Common Core, now relabeled “Connecticut Core” after the abysmal introduction to Connecticut’s local school systems over the past few years. As a teacher, who strongly believes in local control, as do an overwhelming number of families and educators in Connecticut, I was not surprised to learn that Vickie does as well. She will be on the side of the parents, the educators and the administrators to ensure that our local education system is not injured by impractical solutions pushed by national entities.

During her terms in Hartford she fought relentlessly against the utilities seeking to exact ever-higher revenues at the expense of both residents and businesses. And Vickie was there for my family and my neighbors at the most critical time in our lives, and we made it in no small part because of Vickie Nardello’s unbending will to do what is right for the people. The right candidate is ready to return to Hartford to represent you, but needs your vote on Nov 4.

Timothy C. Reilly



  1. Vicki Nardello had 18 yrs in office. Because of her policies on Energy, CT electrical rates are of the highest in the nation. Returning her to Hartford would be bad for the 89th and CT.