Letter: Nardello is a tireless worker for the people


To the editor,

It is with great clarity and confidence that I support the candidacy of Vickie Nardello for state Senate. I have known Vickie for the past 20 years as a tireless worker for the masses, her constituents. Having been actively involved in the efforts nearly 20 years ago to give Region 16 the high school it so deserved, I witnessed Vickie as she stood side by side with us in making that dream a reality.

Vickie’s motivation is simple. Her legacy has always been about supporting the efforts of educators everywhere to help align resources, instruction and content with the ever-changing demands of today’s global economy.

But independence is what sets Vickie apart from others. Her undying support for her constituents has led to fiery exchanges with those in power at the highest levels of government, a representative fighting to do what’s right, though maybe unpopular with those in power. I distinctly remember such a battle as she fought for wind energy regulations against her fellow democratic co-chair of the Energy and Technology Committee in February of 2011.

As JFK said more than 50 years ago, “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and to do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.”

Vickie has gone to the moon and back for my fellow neighbors, and all of her constituents in the past and will certainly do so in the future. Please support Vickie Nardello on Election Day.

Timothy C. Reilly



  1. Also,
    Here’s a SMALL sample of Nardello’s voting record…..
    She voted for Governor Malloy’s huge tax hike in 2011 – the largest in CT history – Also voted to increase the sales tax, eliminating the property tax exemption and for new taxes on nonprescription drugs, haircuts, and clothing and footwear under $50. She also voted against capping the gas tax.

    She voted to repeal the death penalty against the overwhelming will of her constituents and against amendments that would have preserved the death penalty for cop killers, rapists, terrorists, and people that commit home invasions.

    She voted in favor of Malloy‘s early release program that lets violent offenders out early.

    She voted to allow those convicted of multiple DUIs to serve their sentences at home.

    She supported funding the New Britain Hartford bus way instead of using the money to fix our roads and bridges.

    She voted to give tuition discounts to illegal aliens.

    She says healthcare is a right and defends Obamacare despite it radically increasing the cost of healthcare insurance and limiting access because of high deductibles.

    She says we need “stronger“ gun control laws.

  2. Nardello’s vote in favor of the inmate early release program — allowing convicted felons to earn credit for programs that could help them get out prison earlier — was a real issue in my district. Look at all the juveniles
    stealing cars now and all being let out with no prosecution are a result of her vote.
    She’s bad news. Liberal like Malloy has to go!